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Besides all that goodness, I’ve been an advocate for my autistic son for over 20 years. Despite living a pretty hectic life, I’ve developed a very “particular set of skills” on the importance of systems and organization.

And as a result, as wild as it might sound, it’s become my love language. I’ve seen firsthand how it contributes to making life just a tad bit easier and I’m here for it.

I’m Michelle, a savvy home organizer, personal trainer bestie & fashion industry drop-out who's obsessed with french fries.

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Tidy training sessions designed to simplify life and bring you joy.


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While you might see endless amounts of clutter and impossible tasks, I’m envisioning solutions and doing the running-man in my head!

Whether you’re a busy parent or an overwhelmed professional struggling to balance it all, you deserve a home that’s calming & functional. Using sustainable, real-life tidying systems that cater to your lifestyle, we’ll kick clutter to the curb and whip your space into shape (no push-ups necessary).

Ready to level up and feel good about coming home?

If the thought of organizing your home is weighing you down, let me spot you. 

Creating calm in the midst of chaos is my superpower.

Linda A.

She made the process manageable and I felt supported every step of the way! As a working busy mom she met us where we were and helped to create a more functional and cleaner space. I’m already finding I’m spending more time with my family vs tidying up because we have a system that finally works. She’s magical, book her!"

"Michelle is amazing! She’s so professional in her approach, talented and made organizing fun! 

Marjorie M, Brooklyn, NY

She doesn’t just do the work, you are included in the process which will help break the bad habits. Some people think that getting organized is all about shopping for hangers or organizing items, but what I love about Michelle is she makes it affordable and is very efficient."

"Michelle is a fantastic organizer, she’s very patient and meets you where you are and helps you to get to the next level.

April G.

It was truly the game changer in my home organization! Yes it can be vulnerable, yes it may be embarrassing, but you WILL be better for taking this step while helping others in your journey! Take the leap, you’re in excellent hands! I love what we accomplished together!"

"If you’re feeling overwhelmed by looking at the clutter in your home, I heard someone say ‘hire your weaknesses’. Let The Tidy Trainer be your next step!

Christy W,

 I highly recommend her services and it's money well spent. I have learned that organizing and decluttering can be self-care in that you are literally getting rid of the things that are bringing you unnecessary stress. There is an undeniable peace that is felt when you get your space and life together." 

"The entire experience of working with Michelle felt like a friend trying to help get my space and life back together. 

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