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With over 20 years of diverse work experience in the fields of fashion, fitness, wellness coaching, and project management, I bring a unique perspective to the world of home organization.

Through my business, The Tidy Trainer, I have helped countless clients kick clutter to the curb and transform their homes and lives.

My organizational skills were born out of necessity once I became a single mom. It was the only way I could juggle my career and a home life that demanded equal attention as a mom to an extraordinary son with autism.

Michelle Hobgood

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Professional Home Organizer | Creative Entrepreneur | Lifestyle Influencer

I’ve seen first hand how an organized home contributed to reducing stress and enhancing the mental health of myself and my family. And now I’m thrilled to share that gift with other women who are stressed out and are beginning to realize the toll their clutter is taking on their mental health.

The Tidy Trainer is a culmination of decades spent honing my skills in a variety of fields.

As a fashion stylist and showroom manager, I developed a keen eye for style and aesthetics. My work as a fitness and wellness coach taught me the importance of balance and self-care, which is essential to home organization. And as a project manager, I developed the organizational and leadership skills necessary to manage complex projects and deliver outstanding results.

I’m deeply passionate about helping women reclaim their space so they can actually feel good about coming home. Drawing on my extensive experience in fashion, wellness, and project management, I approach each project with creativity, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of my clients' unique needs and goals.

On Instagram, I share bite sized information on all things home organization. Including tips for small space living, decluttering, and packing. I also post about wellness, fitness, family, lifestyle, caretaker burnout and autism advocacy. 

Through my personal brand and The Tidy Trainer, I connect with women on a variety of topics - from home organization to wellness and autism advocacy.

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I serve overwhelmed professional women ages 25-54 who want to take better care of themselves and their families so they feel good about coming home. 

My audience seeks guidance, inspiration, practical tips and products to streamline their lives and help them create functional solutions for their home. They understand the stress clutter can cause and are eager to embark on a journey towards a healthier, happier, and more organized lifestyle that not only promotes their physical, but their mental well-being. 

They also share a strong belief in advocating for others, particularly those who are neurodivergent or have intellectual and physical disabilities. 

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"Hobgood suggests finding a corner of a room, which, in her case, is her son’s bedroom. There, she has her bike and a rack to hold her cycling gear and some of his belongings."

How to store your bike when space is tight

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Michelle Hobgood the Tidy Trainer reveals organizational tips and tricks, stemming from the popular TikTok organizing trend.  

Host of Vizio's "Clean Break" Organization Series

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"We caught up with the brilliant and insightful Michelle Hobgood a few weeks ago and have shared our conversation."

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Michelle Hobgood

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