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Home Organization Services

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Packing Services

Home Organization Services in New York City

  • Text, email support and project management
  • Researching & shopping for the best products for your space and budget
  • Guidance with coordinating donation drop off and pickups
  • Access to labels and tools needed to organize your space
  • Light home decor styling

These goodies are also included in your investment

I'll optimize your space--sorting, purging and organizing it, with a customized system that anyone in your home can maintain. Let's create a space you'll love!

You're deserving of a home that feels comfortable and lived in, yet functional.

Maybe not being able to find things has you stressed? Are you envisioning a lifestyle with simplified solutions that allow you to get up and go, but lack the time or patience to achieve it? Let me do the heavy lifting!

Are you tired of seeing an overwhelming amount of clutter in your home?

Tidy Me Please

$375 for a minimum of 3 hours ($125/hr)


This is where the fun begins! I'm in full Tidy Trainer mode, decluttering, organizing and creating the functional space you envisioned.

Go From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed


Once the invoice has been paid, I'll begin preparing for your project.  I'll develop and share the customized plan for organizing your home with a breakdown of the areas that need to be organized and any tidy work you should complete before our next session, including products that you'll need to purchase.

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Schedule a 1 hour in-home consultation that allows me an opportunity to survey your space and further understand your goals. Once you're ready to move forward, you'll receive an invoice and an invitation to book your service.

Cost of consultation is $90.

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Book your complimentary 30-minute discovery call so we can get to know each other. I wanna know all of your "tidy little secrets"--home organization challenges and your goals for a functional space that fits your lifestyle. During our call, I'll share my process and how I can help you whip your space into shape. If we're a good fit, we'll move to the next step.

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Virtual Organizing

  •  You are a self-starter who enjoys DIY projects, but you need guidance from an experienced professional organizer that YouTube and Pinterest can't provide.
  • You’re comfortable communicating via video and email.
  • You want to get organized on YOUR schedule.
  • You know that getting organized is an excellent investment, but you’re on a budget.

You may be a good candidate for virtual organizing if…

I'll be your organizing cheerleader! I'll walk you through the home organizing process with all the pomp and circumstance I can muster. That's my job as your tidy coach.

Together, we'll create a personalized system that will allow you to manage and maintain a clutter-free home that compliments your life and your design style.

After all, it's time for your home to become your place of zen. 

Ready to do-it-yourself with a bit of guidance from a professional organizer? Allow me to spot you! 

  • Text, email support and project management
  • Product recommendations for your space and budget
  • Light home decor styling

These goodies are also included in your investment

I'm ready to get started

 $200 Initial planning session with a 2-hour time commitment, Follow up sessions $100/hour.


Girl, you did that! Look around, that's all you–with a bit of assistance from The Tidy Trainer, of course. Now, you have a functional space and all the tools you need to maintain it. Enjoy!

Pat yourself on the back


Once your invoice is paid, we will determine your organizing roadblocks. Next, we will create a sustainable, customized action plan to get you organized within a specific timeframe. I'll provide product recommendations, space planning ideas, and other resources to make your life and space more organized and efficient. More importantly, I'll become your accountability partner, coach, and cheerleader throughout the process!

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Book your complimentary 30-minute discovery call to tell me about your home organization goals and show me your space. Together, we’ll decide whether virtual organizing is the right option for you and if we’re a good fit. If the answer is yes, I’ll send over your invoice and an invitation to book your virtual organizing session.

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Whether you’re going on a much-needed vacation, traveling for business, or sending the kids to summer camp, my in person and virtual packing services have got you covered. Reclaim your time, wallet and sanity. 

Here's what's included:

  • Capsule wardrobe selection
  • Checklists
  • Product recommendations
  • A tutorial for you 

Tired of worrying about lost luggage and spending hundreds in baggage fees?
Want to embrace the carry-on life but don’t know how?
Stressed about packing the kids bags for sleepaway camp?

Packing for Travel

Reduce Stress

Reclaim Your Time

Kick Clutter to the Curb

it's time to:

 Friend, stop stressing yourself out and let me give your home the attention it deserves.

You've saved dozens of boards on Pinterest, only to realize it’s not as easy as it looks.

You’re tired of looking at all the unused items you bought the last time you felt motivated to organize.

You’ve got a system set up, but it's hard for the whole family to stick to it.

If DIY isn't working, you're in the right place.

I'm ready to get started

The Ultimate Tidy Guide
Tired of clutter and disorganization costing you time, money, and undue stress? You deserve a space that’s calming and functional. Get started with my free guide.
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