Why I Use 2 Shower Curtains Instead of 1

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It’s 2 shower curtains instead of 1 for me!⁣

Here’s why:⁣

  • 2 curtains provide more coverage and a lesser chance of water leaking out the sides.This definitely helps a lot of if you’re a parent/caretaker of someone with a disability and have to shower another person or still giving your child showers.
  • 2 curtains give a fuller appearance and makes the shower the focal point of a small bathroom. I come from a family of seamstresses and learned this technique from them 

This video was shared on my Instagram page and went viral with over 8 million views! Here are some FAQ’s just in case you might also be wondering 

  • The curtains in the video are made of fabric and cost $34. I use 2 plastic shower curtain liners on the inside of the tub
  • Water does NOT leak out the middle because I close and gather the curtains together when I close them 



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